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Have You Ever?

Walked into a party, seen a bunch of people you know and enjoy, and immediately felt like running away?

Have you actually left?

I’m getting progressively weirder, and every day I care a little less about that weirdness.

4 thoughts on “Have You Ever?”

  1. Oh yes, often! I say hello to everyone, then make a dash out. I find that I would rather spend time with my family rather than participate in a social function. Not the I am antisocial, I just find that I would rather be with my children then with a group of people usually talking about something superficial.

  2. Is it weird that I don’t find that weird at all? Like not one single iota? I found out a while back, that I’m a homebody. Not that I’m not active or social, but I very much prefer small intimate groups (think 10 or less, but preferably like my husband and I plus another couple or two) to large gatherings. And I’d much prefer time with my family at the park to any big party… Or even time in bed with a book ….

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