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I DO Want To Be Your Facebook Friend, I Do I Do

A while back I deleted about 3,000 facebook friends. As Jane is embarking on her tweenage-hood and exploring social networks, I decided to close mine down.

In fact, I’d asked my husband to use Facebook differently, because I worried about our privacy, and he said to me, “No, you use it differently.”

And he was right.

I’ve stripped Facebook of anything too intimate, I’m not a fan of my children’s schools, or sports and I certainly am not friends with their teachers.

I’ve made Facebook a lot like twitter. Close but not intimate. Sassy, but not revealing.

I’m ready to accept friends and friends of friends again, and I’ll just be using it differently.

4 thoughts on “I DO Want To Be Your Facebook Friend, I Do I Do”

  1. Oh how I miss having all my facebook friends. I pared down as well, not only for my children’s privacy but for my nephews’ as well. With so many inlaws on my account I just didn’t feel right mixing my social media with their rights to privacy. So far my separate redneck account is working out well. Just not the same. Good luck to you!

  2. I hear ya. I need to do some serious editing to my Facebook friends. It was so easy at the beginning to just say yes to every request. But I don’t want to edit the things I post, just who sees them.

  3. If it wasn’t for the page administration that I’m doing for pay I’d be completely off Facebook already. As it is I’ve not only stripped my information away from my page, but I’ve actually gone through and deleted all the images, updates, “likes”, and my wall history. I’m only using it anymore for events and page administration.

    Waiting for Diaspora to be released in September, but for now all my stuff is fragmented with my focus area on my blog and Twitter.

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