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Random Bits

I left butter (half wrapped) on the kitchen counter. My housekeeper unwrapped it all the way, used her fingers and plunked the butter into an unwashed butter dish. I do not want to offend her, but I’m circling the butter and making sure that no one uses it. After she leaves I will put the butter in the trash, run the butter dish through the dishwasher, and quite possibly clean the house again. Just to be sure it’s done right. I know I have issues. I need to reevaluate my actual need for a housekeeper.

Project Mom Casting is… well, casting. The first ever unscripted TV show about Mom Bloggers looks to be well underway and you can apply here if you’ve ever dreamed of being on camera. It’s quite likely that I’ll submit something, mostly because I like putting on lipstick and talking to the camera more than I enjoy compulsively scrubbing butter dishes.

While writing this, I realized that I don’t want to offend my housekeeper, but I do want to fire her. Do not interrupt my blog posts with logic. Logic has no place here.

The folks at Virgin sent me a Rumor 2 cell phone for the kids to try out. Uh, yeah right. I stole it. I like it, and it’s mine, but now it’s time to return it to Virgin. I’ll make a video later, you know like when I’m filming my audition tape for the unnamed Mom Blogger Reality Show.

The kids are at camp overnight, and they have about 8 hundred bazillion items with them, but they don’t have ME. I’m looking forward to a night alone with my husband, and it’s not even that many hours, but I hate the house when my kids aren’t here at night. I just do.

TIP: A lot of folks are talking about this video.

I’m seeing it get a decent amount of traffic, but if you’re linking to it rather than embedding it, I don’t know who you are. If you embed someone’s video there is a very good chance they will promote your blog. More traffic is good for everyone. See?

Its time for the weekend. I’ll make a million videos today, and try and share them with you shortly.

5 thoughts on “Random Bits”

  1. The first ever unscripted TV show about Mom Bloggers looks to be well underway
    That should be good for more than a little bit of drama as angry mommy bloggers write about how unfair it is that they were not selected to be a part of it and how they can’t believe that someone would want them to be on television without compensating them for their precious time.

    It will certainly make great blog fodder- but won’t be nearly as much fun as the upcoming dad blogger show about Mancaves.

  2. i’d throw the butter out too. i won’t even touch butter that’s been sitting on the counter longer than a day. i broke my husband of that habit, it grosses me out. it’s one of my issues.

    i did a post for the mom blogger thing. it sounds cool but i’m not banking on it. eventually the blogosphere is going to be inundated w/application posts and vlogs. that will be interesting.

    that video…
    not posting about it. i have daughters, i wouldn’t buy them. but it didn’t bother me. because…i just wouldn’t buy them. what other mothers want to train their daughters for is their business.

    not judging. not judging. not judging.

  3. So the butter dish was dirty with butter from the last stick? Which, being in your house, had never been touched by anyone’s hands?

    You shouldn’t fire her. You should lay her off.

    If you fire her, fire her for insubutternation.

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