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But You ARE A Mommy Blogger

When your Twitter ID has the word Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mami, Ma, or Moms in it, and you are offended that someone calls you a mom blogger I giggle.

When your domain name has the word Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mami, Ma, or Moms in it, and you call yourself a social media expert, the world giggles.

There’s nothing wrong with being a Mommy Blogger. I’m a Mom Blogger (Mommy Blogger) and as job descriptions go, I recognize that it can be seen as silly. If don’t behave in a ridiculous manner then perhaps folks won’t see you as silly, or deluded about your value as a consultant.

In every profession there are people on different tracks. There’s no shame in it, but if the term Mommy Blogger makes you bristle, may I kindly suggest you remove the word Mom from your marketing materials?

7 thoughts on “But You ARE A Mommy Blogger”

  1. I find this quite funny. I am a Mom who blogs and I don’t feel any “less” because of it. If someone feels that way, then they are allowing somehow else’s negative opinion to control their own feelings. So ridiculous!

  2. I get called a mother at least once a week, no shame in it. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the last part of that particular word doesn’t include blogger. ;)

  3. I have no problem with being a Mommy Blogger. Like you said, I am a Mommy and I blog which equals a Mommy Blogger. However, I don’t put it anywhere in my title or marketing materials (LOL – I have no marketing materials) and I started blogging long before I was a mommy. . . which was the original scope of my blog. I also would not consider my blog to be a profession, as I make no money on it.

    What I find unsettling is that anything with the word Mommy or Mom in it tends to have a negative connotation in our society. Mommy Blogger (seen as silly), Stay At Home Mom (seen as wasting skills, education, etc.), and Mommy’s boy (clingy, immature) are some examples. I am proud of being a mom and wish it wouldn’t be continually delegitimized.

  4. i love being a mom blogger. Way back when, i used to think…huh? Why do i have to be labeled…now i think, woo hoo! The best thing in my life is my child, so I am glad i can label part of me because of her.

    being a mom is amazing.


  5. You’re right, separating the blog from the life can be difficult. Especially if you get your start because of the spit-up on your blog. But – and maybe this is rare in the “only one” sense – but it is possible to build a career that eventually doesn’t even mention or need your blog anymore.

    I may be saying this because on the phone today I had a conversation and found myself saying, “My resume is finally more awesome than I am in person.” I’ve been waiting a long time to look good on paper.

    Maybe I don’t understand how anyone, once they see there’s money in being a mommy, could possibly have an issue with it. Unless you hate money. In which case you’re crazy because hating inanimate objects is freakishly mental.

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