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I Love You

If one more person in social media tells me that they love me I’m going to up and vomit.

My husband loves me. My mother loves me. My father loves me. My children love me. I’m pretty sure my Aunts and Uncles love me. With the exception of Marsha Collier, I’m pretty sure that other bloggers don’t love me.

Maybe respect, but definitely not love.

So can we skip the, “Jessica, you know I love you” rap. Because we all know you don’t.

14 thoughts on “I Love You”

  1. I love you. I saw you across a crowded Internet and thought, “I want that woman to bear some sweet little rants someday.” And I haven’t regretted a single moment of our time together.

  2. Well, I do love you, dammit, and you can believe me or not! I consider you a friend now, not just a blogger friend, and I love my friends. I respect the hell out of you, too, of course, but I also love you. Because I’m a slut with my love like that!

  3. LMAO! You do tell it like it is. And that’s why I love you.


    Ok. I don’t love you. I love your writing and brutal honesty (when it does not rub me the wrong way). Is it better? Or maybe because I have added a condition to my love, then it is really not love after all. How about LUV? How about <3? How about *heart*?

    Do you have the urge to strangle me now? LOL

    Not being a native speaker, perhaps I do overuse this word. The way I overuse fuck and penis. I cannot bring myself to say these things in Chinese. So you may be hitting on a good point.

  4. “Jessica, you know I love you” rap

    If I had any musical talent I’d make a video out of that. It would go viral and I’d end up on Oprah, Dr. Phil and Jimmy Kimmel talking about how I didn’t love you, but thanks to all the fame and fortune from that video I might now love you a little.

    Ok, maybe not but I do enjoy having a place to share my ridiculous thoughts and comments. A man has to have some dreams.

  5. How about: Jessica, your blog makes me laugh or at least smile during an otherwise craptastic day/week? Does that suit you better?

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