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Invisible Fences and Bloggers

My friend Lolita has a dog that’s a bit of a problem. And when I say “a bit” I mean she’s jumped through a plate glass window. Twice. Gidget (the dog) is no ordinary mutt. She’s a stunning red goldendoodle with blue eyes and silky hair. She’s pretty, but she’s dumb. Michelle Lamar likes to call her a cheerleader.

Unfortunately Gidget has been jumping over an eight foot fence, and traffic is not slow in the neighborhood Lolita and I live in. Lolita made the decision to get an electric fence to keep Gidget in the yard and safe from cars.

Enter Jim Lin and his Newcastle. Jim has a drink and decides to wear the dog collar.

You watch.

Maybe there’s a better way to train the dog?

13 thoughts on “Invisible Fences and Bloggers”

    1. I’m still dying over here. I’ve seriously watched it at least 50 times. So glad I have you to keep me entertained. Who needs a husband when you have a friend that’s willing to cook dinner and hurt himself for the amusement of others?

  1. Well, a number of dogs have already been hit by those passing vehicles and I am also using a pet containment for my dogs because leaving them around the vicinity without the fence does not ensure 100% safety while with any invincible services it prevents your dog from any dangerous instances.

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