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Bloggers are Assholes

I was at an event last night, and I met a couple. I’ve worked with her, and I had idea what he does for a living. We were chatting about Social Media week, and I said that I was out every night of the week and moderating a panel as well. He asked me what I did for a living, “I’m a mom blogger”. I replied, and he told me where he worked and asked me why we’d never worked together.

“Because I blacklisted your company from my inbox.”

I think I could have knocked him over with a feather. When he asked me why I gave him a litany of reasons I’d simply decided that they were not worth the inbox space.

They were all valid reasons.

He gave it some thought and asked me who it was I’d been dealing with, and as I ticked off a list of names not one of them registered.

“How long ago was this?” He asked, genuinely puzzled.

“Between two and four years ago.” I replied.

And then I realized that bloggers really are assholes.

9 thoughts on “Bloggers are Assholes”

  1. That is why I am not a blogger. I hate those people and their stupid random thoughts and ramblings. Bastards. Which makes me ask, is bastard still considered an insult. Does anyone care anymore.

    BTW, I had the pleasure of meeting the ass crack waitress last night. Got lucky and didn’t have to touch the check. ;)

    1. Regarding “Bastard”… There is one way to find out: I will call you one, and you can tell me whether you are insulted or not. LOL. If you are insulted, you can further be convinced that yes bloggers are assholes who insult people for no reason other than to prove a point.

      I guess that means I just admitted to being a blogger. I think Jessica should write a post talking about “WHO” is a blogger. If I write as a hobby with no audience in mind, do I still get to call myself a blogger? You know, like I love taking pictures and putting them online but I will not call myself a photographer?

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