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Water Filters and Things

The folks at have been wanting to reach our community. I’ve been stumped, because really, I don’t ever talk about water filters except to say that I love them, and that bottled water is pure ridiculousness, and you should be drinking the water from your tap.

Imagine that I was wagging my finger at you through that entire run on sentence. Probably you should also imagine my other hand on my hip,  because sanctimonious harping is what I do best.

So I’m at my Dad’s house and Jane and I are helping my Step Mother set the table, she’s filling the water glasses with ice and then passing them off to Jane and I to fill them with water from the water filter that’s part of the sink.

“Why don’t you just use the water from the refrigerator?” I asked her

“Because it’s gross, it tastes like chlorine.” She replied, as we continued our water assembly line.

“When’s the last time you changed the filter in the refrigerator?” I asked her.

“When did we buy it? Four years ago? Five?”

And the three of us laughed. Partly because I’m pretty sure my refrigerator is in the same sorry shape, and it’s because tracking down a water filter is a pain in the neck. I already go to three grocery stores a week, I don’t need to add any errands. I literally stood there in the kitchen saying, “there are these really nice people and they have the best selection of water filters. Let me dig up the site.”

As a total aside, if you’re like me and you live in a city that adds a ton of chlorine to the water, try adding a filtered showerhead, your hair and skin will thank you for it.


1 thought on “Water Filters and Things”

  1. This is not a sponsored comment:

    A few months ago, my hair was GROSS. I assumed it was my shampoo, and went through 93843242 different shampoo/conditioner combos until I realized that OUR WATER WAS DISGUSTING.

    I didn’t even know water filters existed for the shower. $50 later, I once again have magic hair.

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