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Bert Comes Out of the Closet on Twitter: What About Ernie?

I love this update, how do you think they’ll handle it in the mainstream media? Will Ernie and Bert still have separate beds like Lucy and Ricky?

Were they just testing the waters?

I think it’s fabulous. Fab.U.Lous… and you can even do a little hand motion with that if you like.

8 thoughts on “Bert Comes Out of the Closet on Twitter: What About Ernie?”

  1. As a gay man, I never use “mo” as a replacement for homosexual. I think it’s an outdated slang, something used in the 90’s like “he’s a big mo”. When I first read it, I thought more of Moe from the Three Stooges especially since it’s a hair style reference. Perhaps it’s a double-entendre designed to keep us all guessing. Is he or isn’t he? Only his puppeteer knows for sure…

  2. I did not get it either, until you clarified it. And so what if Bert is gay? I doubt any of the kids will care. But I really don’t see Sesame Street coming out and admitting it. I mean they wouldn’t even let Katy Perry’s segment air because of cleavage and you think they will out Bert?

    I’m still waiting for an admission that Peppermint Patty is gay. You’d think that after 50+ years the Schultz family would just say what we already know.

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