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Blogging and Privacy: Bloggy Boot Camp Austin, Texas

When Tiffany asked me to speak about Privacy at Bloggy Boot Camp I realized that my biggest challenge would be to keep my talk under an hour. We could talk about privacy in the blogosphere for days and still not scratch the surface.

Here’s a recap of my presentation, and if you were in the room, thank you so much for being there. Bloggy Boot Camp is an extraordinary group and I consider it a privilege to be in a room with you.

13 thoughts on “Blogging and Privacy: Bloggy Boot Camp Austin, Texas”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. Thank you so much for putting this information out there. A lot of this was very foreign to me, but very, very good to know. Thanks again!

  2. Jessica, thank you so much for a really informative presentation. I worked in high tech for several years and even was a privacy representative for my business unit and you still brought to light several things I wasn’t aware of. I really appreciated the info. Now, I guess I’m off to “divorce” my husband on Facebook.

  3. Jessica!

    I heard you did an amazing job at BBC! I’ve been on staff with Tiffany throughout the tour and this is the one stop that I couldn’t make. My children had a performance at church and I wasn’t about to miss it.

    Thank you so much for posting the recap of your presentation. I hate missing a chance to give you a *squeeze* though… next time… next place.


  4. Great presentation! I wanted to add one thing. At my kids’ school, they had a detective come in and speak with both the kids and the parents about privacy and dangers on the web. It was very effective. I recommend this for other schools and for parents as well.

    Sarah Baron

  5. Looks like it was an awesome presentation Jessica! (Although, I had to go view the slides on slideshare at fullscreen – my eyes are too old to see it in the embed!)

    Wondering if you covered things like: (yes, they have info on you – scary what is out there that we don’t know about)
    and (amazing what an email search of people pulls up! I love Depeche Mode – try the reverse email lookup, even the free version shows a lot)
    and – there’s always the anonymous web surfing software and proxy servers if you *really* don’t want to be trackable – but honestly, it takes time.

    Love that you were getting this stuff out there though. We live in an age where you leave digital footprints unless you are trying *really* really hard not to… :)

  6. I’m still a bit confused about the sharing your address bit. If someone is searching for your address, aren’t they doing so in order to do something with it? Once they figured out the address they have on you is an office address (aka not your “real” address), won’t they then go searching again for your home address?

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