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Dr. Sandeep Kapoor Not Guilty In the Anna Nicole Smith Trial

I wrote this headline ages ago, just hoping it would be true.

It’s been a hideous abuse of the law and the court system, and while I’ve been in need of medical attention my fine physician had to defend himself against a ridiculous charge.

Not Guilty.

Now, Dr. Kapoor, can you please get back into your office? I need a talented Doctor, and no one else will do.

1 thought on “Dr. Sandeep Kapoor Not Guilty In the Anna Nicole Smith Trial”

  1. I think the entire trial was an act of futility. And a waste of the taxpayers’ money. I am not sure any of them should have been convicted of anything. How long have doctors or the celebrities’ handlers been getting Rx’s in another name to protect that person’s privacy?

    It happens all the time. Now do some celebs not really need all of those meds? Absolutely. Does anyone who helps to protect a celeb’s medical treatments/medical history deserve to be charged with making them a drug addict? Absolutely not.

    This whole thing was an attempt for some up for re-election politician to ingratiate themselves to the California voters. It backfired.

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