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Illness is Expensive

And time consuming.

I spent four hours with doctors, pharmacists, radiologists, and phlebotomists. I will spend the entire day Monday doing paperwork and hoping that my health insurance will pay for Simponi, which is a $2,000 a month treatment.

If I had a real job, I’d be on disability right now. Which is tragic.

4 thoughts on “Illness is Expensive”

  1. I’m just sitting here nodding, because I get this. I get it way too well.

    I have a credit card that is nearly maxed out and it’s a pretty good credit limit. But all the charges on it are health costs, there wasn’t a pair of jeans I couldn’t live without, or a splurge purchase, or a silly expensive mistake that many of my peers might have put on a credit card. It’s full of MRIs, of blood tests, of nerve tests, of lumbar punctures and honestly, still some of the costs of brian surgery 3 years ago. I will be in significant debt for decades from my health care alone.

    And when I get up and realize that despite all this money my doctors still haven’t figure out how to treat my pain, I find it really difficult to keep my chin up. This is an ugly road to travel.

  2. I’m new to your blog and only read a few posts so far, so I have no idea how this will go over. Have you ever considered alternative treatments for it? Chiropractic and acupuncture have good results with autoimmune diseases (and are waaaay less than $2000/mo — how is that even possible??).

    So sorry about the diagnosis. Hope you’re able to find something soon to manage it.

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