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The Mom Blogging App: I Only LOOK Like a Narcissist

Blogging is for narcissists. From the outside we (bloggers) are called all sorts of things, but narcissism seems to be the one we defend ourselves against.

What can I say? I’m a blogger who couldn’t think of a good name. Happy Mommy, Silly Mommy, Irreverent Mommy, Bloggy Mommy and ScreenNamesAreStupid Mommy were all gone, so in the hopes of one day making this work for me on a more professional level I used the domain I’ve owned forever, I’m easily found on Twitter at @JessicaGottlieb, and you can connect with me on Facebook, again it’s just my name.

This next project is my least narcissistic project thus far. If you’re a regular blog reader you know that this is a personal group of pages, but if you follow me on twitter, facebook or Posterous you also know that I love to share other people’s news, writings, and videos. Now you can get all of that information on your iPhone, iPad or iTouch.

Yes, really. I have an app for that.

Mom Blogging
A few weeks ago my phone rang and Chad Middleton (Twitter: Outerwoven)asked if he could make me an app for the iTunes store. I hung up on him. I’ve had enough prank calls to last me a lifetime.
He called back. He was serious.
I’m an app. Well, technically I’m not an app, Mom Blogging is an app, and if you enjoy my blog (I sure hope you do) this gives you an easy way to access my blog on your favorite mobile device, but really it will give you great news stories too. Last week you would have found out that a smuggled crocodile killed 19 people in an airplane crash, today you would have seen that is being sued for not making any money, and you’d have a preview of the Chevy Volt. Yes, my husband is aware of my ridiculous crush on Detroit, he is willing to share me.
It’s a free app, and I hope you enjoy it. The reality is that I’m sharing content all day long, and if you find yourself living a life like mine (hurry up and wait) I’m sure that there will be something fun for you in the Mom Blogging app.

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