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About That Holiday Gift Guide

I don’t have one. I won’t be publishing one, and I’d really like to tell you why.

I’ve published gift guides in the past, but they pretty much suck. I’ve never read a gift guide and thought, “ooh she’s speaking to me”. If you’re a Mom and you want to buy gifts for your children here’s my tip to you: Give them a blank piece of paper and a pen, they will make you a list. They might even ask for a second sheet of paper.

Buy the items on the list.

If you’re buying a gift for someone else’s child, ask the parents for few things from the list.

I’ve finished my shopping for my husband’s office (I’ve even bought the gift wrap). Everything I bought focuses on relaxation. Everyone there works really hard, I’d like our family to give them at least a few minutes to relax.

Blogging is about sharing our personal experiences. It’s about knowing that we’re all going through this together. It’s not about sharing high resolution pictures with you, or showing you what a marketer stuffed into my mailbox. I have received a few items already, the Interfaith Food Pantry thanks you (my about me page lets you know more). Really and honestly they do. It’s a good thing when you send toys to children.

Alexander is 9, Jane is 12, and Mr. G. already owns everything he could ever want. Hanukkah begins December 1, and if you want to know what I bought my kids, there’s a chance I’ll share it on Twitter. But there’s no chance that I’ll be trying to sell you something this year.

4 thoughts on “About That Holiday Gift Guide”

  1. Makes sense! I do have to thank you though because last year you posted this gorgeous wrap around bracelet that I just LOVED for my Mom. I actually bought it for her after Christmas. There are a lot of guides out there but it is nice to get them from people I ‘know’. I already have a big list of stuff to get people though. It also includes giving to charity in their names.

  2. Most of my family actually has their favorite personal ones that we buy for. My husband’s is Save the Wolves at Yellowstone, for example. I prefer Olive Crest as I’ve mentored a child from there before.

    I have been getting a few emails from my comment above from some of your readers already. Which is fun. :) But it’s also great that everyone has their personal favorites that they want to help out. I love that.

  3. I am going to look at your past guides but totally understand why you’re not doing one this year. I have a holiday toy guide on my blog, but it’s just what’s popular for this year, along with some old favorites. Yours is much more personal.

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