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I Love Steroids

Can I just say that Prednisone has made it possible for me to play tennis twice this week, do a moderate intesity workout at the gym (sadly while being filmed) and do this too?

Waterskiing With Rheumatoid Arthritis

As much as I hate the extra ten pounds, the dehydration and the general twitchiness of it, I must say that I absolutely love being able to move again.

And Arthritis can kiss my fat ass.

10 thoughts on “I Love Steroids”

  1. All smart women are raised to marry well. My husband, being in finance, can make magic with money. Your husband, makes you look UNFUCKING believable on a ski. How? How, Jess do you consistently look stunningly great -IN A SWIM SUIT AND LIFE JACKET- on film?!?!

    If it seems like I am screeching, it’s because I AM.

    You look to be in great shape, thatisall.

  2. Now can I say I told you so? Still, you want to be on as low a dose as possible for the shortest possible amount of time. I’ve never been able to kick Prednisone completely, but my dose is extremely low. Glad to finally see you rockin’ the arthritis.

  3. After being down six weeks because of a flare up, I agree. Steriods and enbrel and now I’m back to work and walking w/o a cane, going to the store and not using one of those lil electric scooters and able play with my kids again. Skiing? Maybe next week ;) but no photos of that!

    Glad you’re feeling better and blogging about your RA.

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