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I Tried Omegle So You Don’t Have To

I heard about a site called Omegle. It’s where you go to chat anonymously with strangers. I decided it try it (so you don’t have to). I’m not brave enough to try Omegle’s video chat (I imagine there are many Farve-eque guys there), but I did have the following text chats.

You can decide if it’s a good way to spend your time:

Omegle Chat Number 1:

You: Hi
Stranger: Who are you
You: I’m a mom. you are?
Stranger: A mom.
Stranger: Really.
You: Really? Where?
Stranger: Shush, new fag.
You: And why did you logon to Omegle if you don’t mind my asking?
Stranger: I’m from the world wide web.
You: Well, you certainly troll effectively.
Stranger: Sarcastic faggot is sarcastic.
Stranger: Hahaha.
Stranger: Mothers ALWAYS ASK FOR IT!
You: Is faggot an insult? or are you gay?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Omegle Chat Number 2:

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: as;
Stranger: asl
You: 40, female, not looking for cybersex, are you still there?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: 21 male
Stranger: can i see wht u look like
You: no, I’m sorry, you can’t.
You: what does the L stand for? I understand A= age, and S= sex
Stranger: can u desribe what u look like
Stranger: l=location
You: Ahh, are you in the US?
Stranger: yes
You: do you use omegle a lot?
Stranger: eyyy
Stranger: yea
You: video or text?
Stranger: txt vid is a bunch of guys with there dicks out
You: LOL I suspected it would be full of guys who learn from Farve.
Stranger: haha yea what state u in
You: california.
Stranger: mind if i ask about ur life
You: I’m really curious about who is using Omegle and why they might use it. I feel like an interloper.
You: My life is pretty public, I’m a blogger. I’ll probably put this on my blog. I hope you don’t mind. I won’t put anything about who you are if you decide to share with me.
Stranger: uhmmm
Stranger: only if i can see one pic of u
You: here’s one of my videos
You: are you a student or employed?
Stranger: military
You: ooh, thank you for that. we need you guys.
You: I’ve never tried Omegle before. I was just curious what the appeal is of anonymity, besides the dumb guys with their dicks out.
Stranger: I dont know how to explain it just kinda the social aspect
You: Do you prefer it to twitter?
Stranger: Yes
You: What would you do if you were stuck here with another guy? I’m guessing that’s not what you wanted?
Stranger: disconnect
You: :) see if I got launched into a private chat with another mom or another lady I’d be stuck here for hours.
You: Are there better times than others to logon?
Stranger: Not really
You: have you ever considered using this space with your real name?
Stranger: nopr
You: :) I’ll let you go. Thanks again for serving us all.
Stranger: What size r ur boobs
You: oh dear. goodbye.
Stranger: the leaase u can do for me putting my life on the line
You: goodnight soldier.
You have disconnected.

OMegle Chat #3:

You: what’s your favorite website?
Stranger: idk
You: then what’s set as your homepage?
Stranger: um google
You: do you use gmail then?
Stranger: no haha
You: so it’s not to logon to chats or things, it’s just where you begin?
You: how long have you been on Omegle today?
Stranger: yaaa……. lol like 5 minutes
You: how many chats do you plan to have today?
Stranger: IDK
You: Can I assume you’re a teenager?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Ugh, I realized after he/she disconnected that I must sound pervvy.
Parents: go ahead and blacklist this site from computers that your kids might use.
Everyone else: don’t bother.

7 thoughts on “I Tried Omegle So You Don’t Have To”

  1. “what size r ur boobs” LOL!! Thank you for doing this research, it’s comments like that which keep me from playing online cribbage anymore. (Because if anyone can make cribbage un-wholesome its people on the internet.)

  2. Sounds like the AOL chat rooms of yesteryear! “what size r ur boobs” indeed. Thank you for you trying this out. Chalk another “sharing” program off the list.

  3. HAH! well i use omegle to kill time. its also fun to deal with the rare mentalities you find on omegle. the www limits information you expose (assuming hacking isnt involved) so people on omegle can really be and express themselves. this is what makes omegle so..different xD

  4. I’ve actually had some great chats on omegle. You just need to filter through the crap. It’s not worth it if you’re looking to do this often, but as a timewaster you can usually find a decent conversation within 5-10 minutes. Basically, look for someone who knows how to type but won’t blast you with caps lock, and you’re probably good. :)

  5. I actually had one or two decent conversations there. For the first one, I was pretty consumed by the thought that he’s my soulmate. We were half the world apart yet we could just understand each other perfectly. 

    But, we got disconnected cos of a freaking internal conflict. To the 22 y/o computer science graduate I met, cheers! Im still keeping my hopes up.

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