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Leaving the Trash Cans in Front of My House All Week Long

It’s Wednesday, trash day. This means that there are three empty trash bins on the street in front of my house.

When I finished at the gym this morning I drove right past the bins, parked in the driveway and came into the house to start my day.

Yes, I am aware that I’m a fully functioning adult woman who should be able to take her own trash cans from the street to the side yard. Yes, I recognize that it’s tacky as hell to leave the bins on the street. No, I don’t want to be like my neighbors.

The problem is that trash can hauling is not my job, and I’ve been married too long to start learning his jobs. Mr. G won’t be cooking us dinner any time soon, and I don’t close the gate, shower the kids, bring in the trash, or the “bacon”.

The bigger problem is that Mr. G is out of town until Friday.

I’ve got a choice. I can leave the trash cans out on the street like the white trashiest family in town, or I can suck it up and just be Mr. G until Friday.

I’m embarrassed to tell you which choice I know I’ll make.

7 thoughts on “Leaving the Trash Cans in Front of My House All Week Long”

  1. Agreed – play dumb like you can’t do the task and you’ll never be responsible for handling the task. Leave it outside. In an unrelated trashcan story- our crazy neighbors have posted a sign on their trashcan that states “This is not {underlined/bold} a community trash can. Our trash only!”

    1. Well put Tricia. Mr. G needs to grow a pair. I’m a man and I take out the trash 99 percent of the time. But when i go out of town my wife does it without complaint. I’d be pissed if I came home to overflowing trashcans because by other half is to stupid or self absorbed. That would only happen once.

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