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What is Your Comment Policy?

I don’t really have and hard and fast rules. I find that this mom blog is ever changing and evolving, and I only like to know the rules so I know when I’m breaking them.

I approve almost every comment that isn’t automated. I approve comments that call me names. I do not approve comments that name call my readers, my skin is thick, I don’t presume to know how anyone else feels.

If you’re my friend and you make a typo I will probably correct it for you. I want you to look smart, we’re friends, right?

If you’re name calling and you make a typo I’ll leave it in. You should proofread when you troll the internet.

I might publish your IP address. I might not. It all depends on my mood. Just ask the guys from Federated Media.

You can be anonymous or you can be cruel. You’ll have to pick one or the other, you don’t get to be both things here.

URL shorteners like tinyurl and will trigger the spam bot. Your message will be lost in the spam box forever. That’s just the way that plugin works.

What are your rules?

8 thoughts on “What is Your Comment Policy?”

  1. I’m okay with any comment someone wants to leave, good or bad. I’ve had very few negative comments but the ones that did happen came with a name so I approved them and responded. I’ll let anything through that doesn’t have a hidden agenda (link pushers, spam).

  2. As long as the comment(s) are considered constructive criticism and not meant to ridicule, I am okay with that. I think it is important to see every side of an issue. You don’t have to agree, but when a comment(s) make you think, your view can open up, and that is what we want to do.

  3. I agree…I don’t mind comments don’t agree or can possibly get debated…just as long as it not name calling or degrading anyone and can be constructive food for thought.

  4. Good rules – and one I’ll also add – if you are self-promoting, I generally won’t allow you to do that on my blog. If I like the person (or don’t think he/she is a spammer), then I’ll send that person a private note asking them to resubmit the comment without the self-promotion.

  5. Normally I don´t write anything too controversial on Moomettes so comment moderation hasn´t been an issue. And like you, I also correct typos for my regular readers. It will start to get interesting when I post more opinionated pieces on my other blog

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