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You Aren’t All Moms

Almost every day people ask me if I can help them reach “The Moms”.

Well, surely I can, but I can also help you reach “The People”, because even though I’m a Mom Blogger I don’t really think all that many mom bloggers actually read my site. Make no mistake, I have great connections with Moms and bloggers on Twitter, and I can tell from my feedburner subscriptions that a whole lot of Mom Bloggers get this site in their email, but the users who log on and read my site, here on the web aren’t all moms. You’re much more diverse than that.

I show people this interesting metric from Quantcast

jessica gottlieb network measurement

And then they ask why men are reading this site? And in my head I’m thinking, “becuase I’m smart and I cook and I’m funny and I say revolutionary things like women should fuck their husbands“. But my mouth says, “I’m not really sure.” And I say this because I worry that I’ll drip with disdain, I mean why does anyone read a blog?

I’m guessing you’re here because you love cars, or technology or your family. Maybe you’re here because I’ve commented on your blog, or maybe you were part of my most incredible community that lifted me up when Steven died.

I don’t know why you’re here. I’m just glad we found each other, and I’m delighted that you’re all so interested in education.

jessica gottlieb education metrics

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