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I Am Not A Fashion Designer

I’m also neither an attorney nor a physician, but I know malpractice when I see it.

Teva and Grey Ant have joined forces to make a high heeled stiletto outdoor shoe. You know the Teva “mandal” (sandal… whatever), they added a heel.

Hopefully they are durable enough for you to poke your eyes out, because you will want to after looking at this. Even the model wouldn’t let them show her face.

This is the new Sandal

Teva high heeled sandal

Teva High heeled sandals

3 thoughts on “I Am Not A Fashion Designer”

  1. Is it malpractice? I ask because I’d hate to think someone really was so vain/stupid that they would really think it was a good idea to do anything in these other than go to wherever single hippies go to hook up.

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