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I Auditioned for a Reality Show Today

And I think I actually want to be on the show.

I can’t really tell you about it, there isn’t a whole lot to say, except that I walked into my appointment and the Casting Producer who I had the appointment with was nice. NICE. She was also wearing pink cashmere, which means that I’m destined to be on the show, and the Casting Director had that most fabulous curly hair that reminded me of my own before I had kids. Most importantly, she made up some lame excuse to not shake hands. Which I love.

Imagine a week of filming with executives that don’t want to shake hands. It’s almost as good as the swine flu.

Of course during the taped interview I had to scratch my nose, like twice, and then I offered to shake hands with the Casting Producer…. you know, the one with the pretty sweater.

Here’s hoping y’all will be seeing me on the old fashioned tee vee too.

5 thoughts on “I Auditioned for a Reality Show Today”

  1. That is awesome! Good for you! Hope you get it and the world gets a chance to know what a fucking amazing lady you are!You crack me up pretty much on a daily basis with your in yo face attitude and that takes chutzpah!You go girl!

  2. I absolutely hope it is for a show in which you are in the position to give people a piece of your mind and call stupid behaviors out.

    So… Wife Swap?! ;-) LOL.

    Seriously though, good luck and keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

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