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On Behalf of All the Mothers in Los Angeles

I’m going to beg for rainy day advice from y’all. We’re dying here in Los Angeles.

Today is the fourth consecutive day of rain with at least another three on the horizon, and we’re not quite sure what to do with ourselves.

Alexander was supposed to go to a laser tag party this morning, but he woke up with a cough and feeling a little crummy. I seriously debated sending him a little bit sick, because Laser Tag is a place where they can run around like hooligans and get some energy out.

I thought the other moms might get bugged if I sent a sick kid. Understand that I didn’t keep him home because it’s the right thing to do, I kept him home because I was afraid of being¬†ostracized. Do not mistake me for being a good citizen.

Even though Alexander felt a little crummy, he still had plenty of energy.

Bouncing off the walls

You might have seen my twitter updates. I know other moms in Los Angeles are feeling a little weepy when they look at the forecast.

We’re a tender crew. Us Angelinos aren’t really sure what to do on the second rainy day. We know how to handle one rainy day, a day indoors never killed anyone, but asking us to go three days, or a week indoors pushes us all past our breaking points.

I don’t want to see another movie.
I don’t want to go to the gym, again.
I’m not interested in museums.
I’m tired of telling the kids that they shouldn’t use sleeping bags on the stairs and pretend it’s a luge.

I don’t know how to fill the coming days.

If you live anywhere that has actual weather can you please fill in the blanks. I need help.

11 thoughts on “On Behalf of All the Mothers in Los Angeles”

  1. In England, rubber boots are called Wellington Boots or Wellies , Wellie walks were a big hit with our kids during (frequent) wet days , now we live in L.A. and they could not wait to get out this afternoon for a wellie walk, dog seemed to enjoy himself too !

  2. Okay, I’m not from a place that has weather, but I’m a fellow SoCal mom who’s also not quite sure what to do. So I just send my kids outside in the rain. They get their crappiest clothes on, and ride their scooters until their clothes are practically frozen to their bodies. Then come home, have a little hot chocolate and pass out from all the activity and cold. It’s actually pretty funny.

  3. I’m from an area in upstate NY that has the same amount of cloud cover as Seattle, but it is colder. We are members of any and every kid-friendly area – the YMCA pool, the children’s science museum, libraries, the art center, the local gymnastics studio that has open play times. It’s not enough. We live on 120 acres of gorgeous land with woods, ponds, ski trails (no snow lately), nearby grandparents and cousins. It’s not enough. We read, watch movies, cook, eat, and have a really big living area with indoor bikes, pillow forts, and trampolines. It’s not enough. We just get really stir crazy and bored. We get majorly cranky with each other and know that April will be here eventually.

    My toddler has been sick for 2 weeks straight, and I, like you, can’t deal with the potential disgust of my peers (who bring their sick kids everywhere, but I should know better because I am a health professional). Ugh. I hate it. She is so sick of her father and me that we fear for our safety.

    Do you know that feeling you get when you have to be traveling in an airport for a long period of time, times slows down, and you just check out? Welcome to winter in the Northeast. There are the lovely outdoor moments, but I now equate them with so much extra wet and muddy laundry that I almost avoid them. Eventually it’s over and I’ll get to be human again.

    I am letting my 2 year old dress up the cats. Really, that’s all I have to offer. Sorry.

  4. Have you tried crafts? Maybe find out if there are any indoor but away from home activities you can send them to, like a day camp kind of thing?

    I’m in SoCal too and this rain is killing me. Ro wants to run out and play in it, but I’m so paranoid about another bout of pneumonia/RSV/hospitalization that I won’t let her. She has used all of my printer paper to make paper snowflakes & other crafts. She took 1/2 the paper plates & made wreaths out of them. Now she is torturing the cat with her hula hoop.

    Maybe you could have them clean their closets for a donation box? Sorry, that’s all I got.

    If I could afford a day camp deal, she would so be there right now.

  5. I live in Ottawa, Canada. We get ALL SORTS of weather here! Unless the children’s health and well-being are in jeopardy, I send them outside to play…alone. These should be fond memories for them one day… :)

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