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Redditors Rule the World

I’m a Reddit lurker. I’ve only posted a few things there, and they haven’t been received well. I do find things and share them from Reddit to Twitter, because some of the things you find on Reddit are so fabulous they beg to be shared.

Although I read Reddit daily (more than once daily, I use Alien Blue when I’m bored… which is too often), I’m not a huge part of their community, though they are a part of mine.

Reddit has a Secret Santa program, and this is the first year I’ve participated. I sent a gift to a redditor who is expecting a baby, so I looked for non scented candles (nothing says Happy Holidays like morning sickness) and attractive stationary. I hoped that I’d get something cool in return like Bacon Flavored anything, or a new utilikey (get one, they’re fabulous).

I never in my wildest dreams thought that a stranger would take time out of their lifeĀ and paint me this.

Who would be bold enough to dream that big?

Check out heyjinah on Reddit, she’s the lady who made me fall in love with the internet all over again.

4 thoughts on “Redditors Rule the World”

  1. Okay, that’s several kinds of awesome.

    I never really clicked with Reddit. I used to live on Digg. But then they insisted on making it Digg-the-Facebook-version and the conversation moved off to Reddit, Quora, and other bits of the Internet. (While I personally love the Kirtsy chics, I have never really connected there either.)

    But dude, you got upvoted in paint. Permanently. Cool. :)

  2. Jessica, even better is the reddit fundraising challenge going on now. The subgroups r/christianity, r/atheism, and r/islam are challenging each other to raise the most money. However, it’s more of a joint effort, as you’ll see if you actually go to their fundraising pages. The comments they are leaving on each others’ fundraising pages are HILARIOUS and wonderful; many are donating to the others’s fundraisers. I was thrilled to see that the Huffington Post picked up on it today: Definitely makes me love reddit so much more.

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