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Tampon Problems

The last time I went to the market I allowed myself to be dazzled by the ├╝ber cute packaging on Kotex Tampons. I thought ooh, they’re bright and cheerful, and since getting your period isn’t exactly bright and cheerful I bought a box of them.

Without being overly graphic, I kept having issues. I thought that maybe I was having a particularly heavy month, or that the tampon wasn’t doing it’s job because the string looked like it was involved in a low grade accident.

I’m just wondering what brain trust came up with the idea of a pink string. Do they have any women of childbearing age involved in R&D?

Kotex Green Tampon

9 thoughts on “Tampon Problems”

  1. If I *have* to use tampons nowadays, it’s the organic kind. Which I was using for some years. But my body has been SO much more comfortable since I got the Diva Cup 3-4 years ago. No more drying out, no more wondering if the cotton would be used in an unbalanced pattern and have to be removed prematurely. No more money to those corporations! Tampons are expensive! ;p

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