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Getting Your Body Back: Momversation

This week I was joined by Trisha Haas and Jennifer Levinson at Momversation.

We talked about getting your pre-baby body back.

As always my best stuff hits the cutting room floor. I’d add “More Sex” to my tips.

What would you add? Also, if you check out Momverstion they’re giving away a P90X which my friend Jeff happened to use to get extra hawt.

1 thought on “Getting Your Body Back: Momversation”

  1. When my son was little, we did “Stroller Strides.” Now that he’s more active and mobile, I would love a kind of mom-baby exercise class to a) tone me up and b) get him tuckered out to take a nice nap! We do a Tot Fitness gym every Wednesday, and he’s learning drills like marching, jumping and side-stepping. At home I practice with him in order to sneak in a little exercise myself :)

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