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If I Wasn’t So Adult

I would be on facebook right now posting on C____ M____’s wall saying.

Hi! Do you remember me? You painted Swastikas in front of my house with shaving cream when we were 12. Now you’re bald and I can only hope that your wife is fucking the mailman.

But I’m an adult. So I decided against it.


15 thoughts on “If I Wasn’t So Adult”

  1. I could totally do the same. Mine would say: “Hi do you remember me? You ransacked my parent’s house and almost blew it up by putting all of those aerosole cans in their stove and turning it on. Because of you I got to live at a Holiday Inn for 2 weeks while our house was fumigated. It was a Holidome with a pool, so that was awesome.” It’s funny how this phrase runs through my mind every time I see one of his comments on a mutual friend’s status. That and “How the fuck does this douche have 278 friends?”

  2. Adult or not, I’d call the fuckhead out. Publicly. Because people like that NEED to be humiliated in public. I am pretty certain his bigotry only got worse as he got older. Unless, of course, he got a good old fashioned attitude adjustment from a heavy, blunt instrument.

    Does this douche canoe have kids?

  3. LOL.

    This is why I keep on coming back. I may disagree with you sometimes but I definitely give you the well-deserved respect and credit for candor and telling it like it is. ;-)

  4. Have you read The Secret? It says thinking negative thoughts about others can be manifested onto yourself… I think it’s a bit of drivel, but I try to remind myself when I think this way, which is more often than I’d like. Besides, I’m sure he’s getting the karma he deserves :)

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