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I am in insurance hell. Mr G’s workplace changed from one pharmaceutical provider to another another and what I thought was awful has transformed into dismal.

The story I have to tell (which will not be today) is incredibly sad. It will make you scream for healthcare reform and it will show you why our insurance companies keep people sick.

I spent $1,919 for my Simponi this month. If I work at it for a half dozen hours I might be reimbursed. But then again, I might not.

5 thoughts on “Prescription”

  1. Ugh. I’m so sorry to hear that.
    During our 6 month lack-of-coverage period last year, my Rx cost more monthly than we now pay for full coverage for my entire family.
    That it is expensive to research and create new drugs? I get. That they price them differently in different markets is the part that enrages. But looking out there, the price in Canada is not that much less for golimumab/Simponi. It appears to be one of those drugs that is pricey everywhere. :(
    $1,775.00 50mg 10 x 0.5ml doses. Yeah, you save about $150, but still! Yikes.

    I don’t think anyone who has had to take medication regularly to just be functional is unaware of how scary it is when your prescription coverage changes. Good luck on the reimbursement. Put in that 6 hours my friend.

  2. Shit.
    Does your new provider just not approve the drug or are they claiming you have a pre-existing condition that negates your coverage? My country doesn’t do everything right. And it definitely doesn’t do healthcare right. But we do do health insurance regulation right. For the most part. Am struggling myself right now trying to get physio for my torn rotator cuff. Since I had to stop physio it’s gotten much worse.

  3. $1,919? That’s outrageous. My cousin worked for Big Pharma for a while and the stories she told me were truly abominable. I probably wouldn’t have even believed corporations could get away with such hideous things if she wasn’t my own cousin. She finally quit because she coudn’t stomach watching and particpating in such filth. I hope you get your money back. Hugs.

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