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Things I Miss

I don’t write notes by hand any more. I have beautiful stationery, but my hand gets wiggly and jiggly about four words in. It’s too much work to hand write, and emotionally it’s taxing.

I also wear flip flops a lot. Tying my shoes in the morning is extraordinary difficult.

I fear that the Simponi has done most of the work it’s bound to do, and this is pretty much as good as it’s going to get. I’m mostly grateful that we caught things early on, and I’m mostly grateful that I have access to a good team. Today someone did something unbelievably kind for me, and after three failed attempts I threw out the chicken scratch thank you note and sent an email.

5 thoughts on “Things I Miss”

  1. I was sitting here marveling at the fact that you manage to get exercise and have lost all of the baby weight earlier today. Don’t know how you’re doing it, but yeah, I get the ‘stupid, shaky hands’ thing.

  2. I LOVE stationery, and since I used to work near a Crane’s, well … yeah “a lot” doesn’t quite cover how much I have. I use it a minimum of once a month, but usually about once a week. I write all thank you notes by hand, not by email. My handwriting has always been shit, but whatever – people can read what’s written and that’s what counts.

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