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Behind the Computers There Are People

I get that a publicist’s job isn’t always throwing parties and writing beautiful press releases. I understand that marketers sometimes have to research in ways that are less than flattering.

I’ve had a hard week. My husband was injured, and then my daughter was sick. I’m punchy and now it’s raining so I can’t get out and hike or play tennis. Maybe that’s why searches like these sting a little more than they should.

If you’re with a big agency you should know how to surf the web with more anonymity than this. I won’t be naming the agency, but I’ll tell you this. You know them. I’m going to choose to believe it’s just one sullen employee, because this was just crappy to see.

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6 thoughts on “Behind the Computers There Are People”

  1. I think the bigger issue is that I can’t find any reference to “pornstars getting waxed” on your site. But yeah… they should be a little more careful, and obviously clicking on search results that come back to you when they’re trying to find negative things about you probably isn’t the most efficient use of their time.

      1. That shouldn’t be a sad thing. The fact that you alone control the power of press about you says a lot. Whether it’s good or bad is because other people can be nitwits.

  2. I’m just perverse enough that I want to start doing searches that will make you giggle when you see them in your metrics from my IP…
    “Jessica Gottlieb wants to know why this PR agency is full of asshats”
    “Jessica Gottlieb thinks searching on Hillary Swank nude on her website is a waste of big agency money”
    I know I can come up with some good ones if I try!! ;)

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