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Hair and Boobs

Two things happened today, and they’re both good.

My doctor called with my bloodwork. Good news, my thyroid was underactive. This explains my hair loss, and means that we’ll find a solution with ease. My worst nightmare was that it was a complication from the Simponi. I love an easy fix.

I also think I’ve found a good way to communicate with YouTube. Last year I found a bra in a kids size 4, and the comments after the video (on the YouTube site) were mostly young girls wondering if they are normal.

This is for them.

Thanks girls for letting me part of the conversation.

7 thoughts on “Hair and Boobs”

  1. This post was excellent! I can remember being one of the first of my friends when I was younger to start developing breasts. For me, it was so weird. I was such a tomboy and I hated them. It took me a long time to get used to them and the fact that even though I was small in frame, my bust wasn’t. I’m proud of them now and I hope that when my daughter (I’m due March 21st) comes to that point in her life that she will understand she is normal and there is nothing wrong with how big or when they start to develop.
    Thanks for the great post!

  2. I think this is fantastic… and I wish it had been around when I had been a kid. I hope you continue to do things like this. I think it could help a lot of kids who either have nobody to trust or bad information.

    Glad that the hair loss is an easier fix than you thought it would be :)

  3. Thyroid isn’t always an easy fix. It takes time to get it right and some days you use more than others, but hey! finding out the problem is great news. On to the fix!

  4. Never lost any hair but I’m in the thyroid club too. Kind of a bummer at first but taking a pill each day hasn’t been the end of the world…well in addition to that other pill I take, the kind that prevents me from being a mom-blogger, or a mom at all. ;) The first 2 weeks adjusting to the synthroid were great, never been more energetic in my life. Enjoy!

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