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A Thousand Dollars for Women

The phone rang Monday Morning.

“Hi, this is Tamar with infolinks and we’d like to honor women by giving $1,000 to the charity of your choice.”

“Um, okay, can it pay my daughter’s school tuition?”

“Sorry, it can’t.”

“Could I withhold just $300 so I can get a Brazillian Blowout? You should see my hair today, I look like a charity case.”

“Unfortunately we would need to give money to a 501c charity that benefits women.”

“How long does it take to get that paperwork done?” I wondered aloud while twirling my dried out hair.

“I’m really sorry Jessica, is this a bad time?”

“Oh no, I’m so sorry. Well, I guess if my daughter’s tuition and my hair can’t be considered women’s charities we should probably give some dough to the Dream Center. They’ve got a brand new residential facility for trafficked girls.”

“Oh I love that. I mean I hate that we need that, but I love that they have it.” Tamar said.

And we worked out the details, and the Dream Center will be getting a check for a thousand dollars this week, because helping women do more than their hair matters.

Click here to learn about the rescue project

Infolinks, In-Text ad provider, funded this donation in honor of in an effort to show their support to women bloggers on International Women’s Day

6 thoughts on “A Thousand Dollars for Women”

  1. Do you really get Brazillian blowouts? I read they use formaldehyde in those, sounds dangerous and unhealthy. Just my 2 cents, love your blog.

    1. I do. I’ve done the Brazilian Blowout brand as well as Coppola and I like them both for different reasons. I’m sure there are a million toxins in there, and I know it’s incredibly selfish of me but they’re only on my hair for an hour. I think it’s the stylists who are most at risk.

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