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Hoodwinked Too Review

I like movies without plots. It’s horrible, but I have a short attention span and movies where the plot is secondary to pop culture jokes, irony, 3D experiences and fart jokes appeal to me.

My kids too.

Hoodwinked Too was a fun 3D movie ostensibly about the Happily Ever After Agency and how a bunch of Fairy Tales Heroes defeat the villains. The kids and I missed the first 5 minutes or so, and I meant to find out how it began. When we found out the beginning we all sort of shrugged. It’s a fun little movie, the kids will enjoy it, and it’s pretty. I’m not saying that to be funny or cute. It’s a pleasing movie. It’s a kid movie, and kid movies are mostly crap. This one isn’t crap and it’s fun to look at.

The kids didn’t really see why it needed to be in 3d. I don’t think anything needs to be in 3d, but I rather enjoy it when it’s on a beautiful screen. I love the feeling that 3D can give me.

The messages are great, there’s this whole grrrl power thing happening but bless their souls for not taking swipes at men. It’s refreshing for a heroine to look like a girl rather than a¬†seductress. I know a lot of folks are sensitive to subtext and imagery lately. If the damsel in distress thing drives you crazy Hoodwinked Too is a good movie for you.¬†Also can I can thank whoever it is that put Cheech and Chong back in a van? I was all giggly thinking about them in Up In Smoke. I am a huge fan of Joan Cusak and after watching her in Shameless I love the movie just a little bit more.

It’s good.

Most of the time kid movies come out and I try to send the kids with friends or my parents. Case in point Alexander saw Hop with friends today. I win, I didn’t have to go to that one. Hoodwinked Too was actually enjoyable. I wouldn’t go run and see it if I didn’t have kids, but you won’t want a lobotomy (which is something most mothers at movie theaters want).


5 thoughts on “Hoodwinked Too Review”

  1. Augh, meanwhile I saw hop today with my kids and I am feeling old and get off my lawn for being pissed off at how many times they talked about Playboy. Fucking ridiculous.

    1. Wait who talked about Playboy? The HOP movie?

      Again, I dodged that bullet. Alexander gave it a 6 out of 10, and he’s a
      nine year old. I’m thinking most adults would give it a 3?

      1. Yeah – the rabbit goes to the playboy mansion & ol’ Hugh even participates with a VoiceOver. My son is 9, too, an I know he didn’t catch it, but that doesn’t make it okay. I think a 3 is grading it on a curve.

        1. Oh but that would be funny because every kid in LA knows that the best Easter Egg hunt in the entire city is at the Playboy Mansion.

          I was never invited as a kid, and my kids have never been invited. We are sad about it.

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