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Needlepoint, Crochet, Knit, Quilt, Blog?

Not so long ago women would display their crafts in order to beautify their homes, tell stories and for a select few, to make a supplemental income. Women would gather and make a community quilt, or they’d sit side by side and do needlework. They’d share tips and tricks and all the while discuss their lives. Walking through museums I find rugs and needlework from centuries ago, surely made by groups. I’m unsure if they were men or women.

As women have taken over personal blogging are we honing our crafting skills? Are our headers our new way to display our talents? Are conferences the knitting circle?

Is our need to create and beautify so strong that we’ve taken it out of just our homes and attempted to spread it worldwide?

Are these skills something we teach our daughters as we would teach them to knit a scarf or to stitch from Mexico to Maine? Or do we just need to connect? Because I’m thinking that this is more than just connecting.


Photo via Margriet PR flickr creative commons


3 thoughts on “Needlepoint, Crochet, Knit, Quilt, Blog?”

  1. yes! it’s waaaay more than connecting. it’s learning, exploring, accomplishing and pushing limits. yes! teach the daughters (even though mine’s only 7 months… but never too early) :)

  2. …And then there are blogs ABOUT quilting, knitting, crocheting, etc. I myself follow a number of craft blogs. My blog has a mishmash of my personal life and things I’ve created or baked. I don’t have a sewing circle to sit with…only 1 of my friends sews…and getting together is difficult, let alone with our supplies for projects. :)

    I have a forum I visit for each of my craft needs (food included) so that I can be a part of the traditional sewing circle in a non-traditional way.

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