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June Gloom

I’ts overcast and humid here. The kids are winding down school and the June Gloom is welcoming. I can play tennis without heat exhaustion and we can still use the jacuzzi without feeling like we’re ingredients in a bowl of soup.

Today is the last day of school. Tomorrow is a half day followed by parties and sleepovers and movie nights. The kids have their summer reading lists,which are refreshingly modern and interesting. Camp begins for Alexander next week and Jane is ambivalent, she wants to attend starting the second week. I’m not sure why.

Both kids have two sleepover camps scheduled, Jane will be surfing for 5 days and canoeing for 10. Alexander has two five day sessions planned at a typical hold hands and sing kumbaya camp.

It’s just June.

2 thoughts on “June Gloom”

  1. Hi Jessica — are you L.A. based??  Because the June Gloom is all up in where I live right now in Rancho Park between Westwood and Century city.  I’ve had a kid home sick for two days now.  I feel very un-empathetic as she’s going to be in my face for the next three months.  Go to school and barf!  (Yes, I’m mother Theresa)

  2. I just wanna say that when I was a kid, my parents put me on a bus and I went away for nearly 8 weeks. EIGHT. You went to one camp and got to lose yourself, grow a ton, and explore your identity beyond who you were to your famiy and school friends. 

    The camp culture here in Los Angeles is logistically tough and exorbenant for parents.  It will be gut-wrenching for me to put my kids on a bus for the summer when they’re ready to go, but I hope that they get that opportunity. 

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