BlogHer 11, Women Create Media, Summer is Over

Next week is a big week. I’ll be speaking at Women Create Media and then scooting on over to BlogHer. I attened a BlogHer conference two years ago in Chicago, skipped New York in August 2010 (if you’re from NY you have to admit there’s no good reason to go there in August) and now … Read more

Remember the Bird Nest on my Kitchen Window: The Good Luck Nest?

I was so excited when a bird settled in on my kitchen window. I thought it was a good omen. The only one who got lucky was Sparky. Sparky’s kill list is long. Last Wednesday night Sparky slept on Jane’s bed. This is odd, because Sparky never goes into Jane’s room, she sleeps with Alexander. … Read more

Consumption, Addiction and Amy Winehouse

This weekend I talked to my kids about drug addiction. They don’t really know Amy Winehouse, and they aren’t exposed to the news that she passed. Not at home anyhow. I can’t control what they discuss at camp. I posted this on Twitter when I heard about Winehouse’s passing a few days ago. More than … Read more