BlogHer 11, Women Create Media, Summer is Over

Next week is a big week. I’ll be speaking at Women Create Media and then scooting on over to BlogHer.

I attened a BlogHer conference two years ago in Chicago, skipped New York in August 2010 (if you’re from NY you have to admit there’s no good reason to go there in August) and now I’m ready to give it another try in 2011.

Here are five things I will not be doing for BlogHer.

1. I will not be out after 10pm. I am not happy after 9pm and nothing is happening at parties after 10pm. Well, something is happening. People are drinking and enjoying themselves, but I’m off to BlogHer to connect with bloggers who I’m dying to meet, and to connect with marketers who I’m sure won’t be wasted in a hotel suite in the middle of the night. I plan on moderation and a good night’s sleep.

2. I will not be doing my hair or nails for the occasion. Take me as I am.  I’m a blogger who has shared her life with you. If my lack of a recent mani-pedi turns you off then it’s your issue, not mine. It’s not a beauty contest or a fashion show. It’s just a lot of women in one place. I don’t plan on smelling bad, I’m just not looking for a date so I’m going to make myself comfortable.

3. I will not be giving my business card to bloggers. If you want to reach me I’m at [email protected], you can call me at 818.486.9363 or you can text that number, either is fine, on twitter I’m @JessicaGottlieb and I’m on Google + as well. You don’t need my business card, you’ll just throw it out.

4. I will not be judging you unkindly. It’s no secret, I’m a judgy lady. I’ve got to figure out who I like and who I don’t like.  So when you have the nerve to show up to something as admittedly intimidating as BlogHer and you’re kind enough to introduce yourself and smile the judging is over. I already know I like you. Case closed.

5. Private Parties? Yes, there are quite a few of them. I was invited to some, and I’ll never be invited to others (Nikon… you never invite me… but since you don’t give away free cameras I don’t feel that bad). I’m pretty sure the private parties will be pretty good, but I’d also probably NOT attend without my own car or cab fare. 45 minutes at any party is plenty for me. If it’s super loud and we can’t hear each other anyhow why am I there?

I love meeting folks who I’ve only followed online. BlogHer is going to have 3,000 attendees this year and each of those 3,000 people only cares about him/herself so the good news is that you can come as you are and most of them will be too busy with their own insecurities to worry about yours.

Although a conference by and for women can be affirming, it’s also not particularly realistic or helpful. As much as I love supporting women in business it’s a little foolish to think that you can keep the boys out and have great success, though I know folks would argue that the boys work pretty hard at keeping the girls out. BlogHer will be fun, if you decide it will.

Here’s a snapshot of the business card I won’t be handing you.

One reason I’ve come to dislike BlogHer so much is that it signals the end of summer. I don’t like this at all.


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  1. This post is exactly why I love reading your blog Jessica!  I am not (probably ever) going to BlogHer, but if I was I’d be doing it Jessica-style:)  

  2. Ha, I have a post going up today about how I won’t be having my hair did up and won’t be wearing the latest in fashions.  You get the normal me and you’ll like the normal me…or not.  But I’m not going to try extra hard to be someone I’m not.  Hopefully I’ll run into you.

  3. My first Blogher was 2 years ago in Chicago. After that I said I would never travel to one again. Since it was in NYC last year, and it was held at a hotel walking distance from my apartment, it was worth it to go.

    The size of the conference is my biggest complaint. I also have never learned anything at the sessions.

    I also don’t stay out late or get all dolled up. And I’m not a big fan of all female blogging conferences. Why are there so many? My favorite blogging conference is BlogWorld Expo. I actually learn so much at every session it is unbelievable.

    As a NYer, you are certainly right about August in NY. Lately, all of summer in NY has been hot and disgusting. At least you’ll have nice weather in San Diego. Try to enjoy.

  4. I am excited to attend BlogHer this year, but I do think I will get more out of attending the Blog World Expo in the fall.  I loved this post. Jessica.  I’m not good at partying four nights in a row.  I’ll be attending some parties, but I’m there to meet people, not to get drunk and dance on tables.  (I’m sure I’ll have a glass of wine, or two!) I’m pretty sure that people watching will be some of the most fun I’ll have at the conference! Hope to see you there…

  5. “I will not be judging you unkindly. It’s no secret, I’m a judgy lady. I’ve got to figure out who I like and who I don’t like.  So when you have the nerve to show up to something as admittedly intimidating as BlogHer and you’re kind enough to introduce yourself and smile the judging is over. I already know I like you. Case closed.”
    One of the reasons why I always come back. 

  6. Mom2.0 was my first big conference and I was disappointed to meet people who seemed to have a glazed look on their face as they smiled, handed me their cards, pretended to be involved in a conversation with me, but glanced around the room clearly searching for the next group to approach with business cards. I had an aha moment, “Ohhhh…so these people are really just here to promote their blogs….” Duh.

    I’m looking forward to meeting people who are interested in eye contact this go round. Color me crazy.

  7. im so sad i missing it this year but something about a plane and being 37 weeks PG…they dont let you get on. Ill be there next year in a tutu and tiara! See u then Jess!


  8. I completely agree with the loud parties. Why? I can’t hear a thing. I feel like I’m screaming in someone’s ear. I’ll be in bed as well, but I am contemplating the drag show at Queerosphere. 11:20 PM is way late for me, and I’m not sure it will be worth the lack of sleep? I’m attending both Women Create Media and BlogHer. I hope I will have a chance to introduce myself, and I’ll only give you an invisible business card.

  9. I not only missed BlogHer ’10, I gave up on the whole conference forever.  BlogHer ’06 was the best, and they’ve gone downhill from there (I know ’cause I was at ’06, ’07, ’08, and spoke at ’09.  I have many theories (well, maybe just one or two) of why they’ve become such a timesuck.  I’ll whisper them in your ear when I see you next…in LA

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