Playing with Continental Tires in Uvalde Texas

Before dropping with an illness that can only be described as The Plague I spent a weekend in Texas with Continental Tires. A group of us flew into San Antonio, had a lovely dinner on the Riverwalk and then woke up a few minutes before God on Saturday morning to make the trek out to … Read more

Tough Stuff: RokBed V3 Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Review

Thanks in advance to William Vega, contributing writer, for another great post.  There’s a reason I have an S3: I like its slim form factor. The holidays have left my pants feeling a bit tighter, and I really can’t deal with a rectangular bulge in my pocket. Not only is it unsightly (and so clearly … Read more

Pocket Projector: Telstar MP50 HDMI Projector Review

I hope you enjoy this gadget review from my friend William.  Pocket Projector: Telstar MP50 HDMI Projector Review Telstar’s new portable projector is lightweight, nice to look at, and (most importantly) easy to use. It’s only slightly bigger than a stack of Post-It notes (3.9″ x 3.8″ x .89″ to be exact), so it fits … Read more