Plantronics Bluetooth Earbuds

I’m sound obsessed. Everyone knows it. In fact I’m pretty sure that Michelle and I have forged a good portion of our friendship over agreements that meals should be silent, there should be no slurping, chewing or lip smacking sounds. One of my favorite things to do (particularly when traveling) is to wear my Bose … Read more

Mazda 3 2012 Review in the City: One Zoom

Recently you might have spotted me dashing around town in the brightest blue sedan that Los Angeles has ever seen. The 2012 Mazda 3 sips gasoline and gets you where you want to go comfortably. It’s a small sedan and parking is a breeze but there’s still enough room so that the boy around the … Read more

2013 Acura ILX Tech Hybrid Road Test and Review

When the Acura ILX showed up at my house I was really excited. I thought that it would be nice to compare with my Lexus HS… apples to apples sort of thing and all. Well, that’s really not possible because the HS is no longer made, though I am looking forward to driving the Lexus … Read more

Southwest Airlines, Beats and Customer Service That Should Be Heralded

Two weekends ago Mr. G and I flew to San Francisco for a quick trip to celebrate Brian’s birthday. Brian is Tony’s husband and Tony was an important part of my 20’s, disappeared for my 30’s and reemerged just in time to bring some love back. Since we had no kids (camp!) I thought it … Read more

Moonrise Kingdom Review: the Perfect Movie

I just walked in from seeing Moonrise Kingdom and as much as I’d promised myself I wouldn’t ruin Memorial Day with blogging I have this insatiable need to share great things with you. With everyone. Moonrise Kingdom was absolutely perfect in every way. Even Bruce Willis (who Mr. G thought was miscast) didn’t bother me. … Read more