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A Little More About Breastfeeding Not Being Sexual


There’s some nice coverage here, and it all started with this post. 

9 thoughts on “A Little More About Breastfeeding Not Being Sexual”

  1. Hi,

    Just saw the clip with you and Dr. Ablow.  He is overreacting in my opinion.  They’re just breasts and that’s what they’re used for (primarilly).  Perhaps the baby and the experience will reinforce in the little girl, the idea that she is a female who may one day grow up to be a mother and by doing so, do just the opposite of what Dr. Ablow is inferring: it may actually de-sexualize her idea of what breasts really are and help her perhaps not see herself entirely as a sex object the society she will grow up in tries to make her look like.

  2. I don’t have a problem so much with his opinion — I disagree with it — but it’s the WAY he delivers his opinion that’s such a turn-off. What a blowhard. Of course, that’s what makes for good television and sound clips, I guess, but still.

    As for the subject…I’m 38, and I have a vivid memory of playing house with one of my friends (I want to say we were in second grade?), and I can picture her on my bed pretending to give birth to my Scrub-a-Dub dolly. We were PLAYING, and we both grew up to be normal, healthy women (she just had a baby a year ago). I think a doll like this can help spark healthy discussions and can possibly help some kids transition better when a new baby is brought home. My two cents.

  3. It’s called breastfeeding, not breast humping.   My five-year-old pretended to feed her baby “with my nipples”  one morning and felt comfortable enough to tell her father about it. And she doesn’t have one of those dolls.  Yes, I do worry about her growing up too fast, but I also worry about her not knowing anything her body.

  4. What is Dr. Ablow a doctor of.  Anyone who has taken any child development class should have learned that it is VERY normal for a child to imitate their parents at around the age of 4-6.  My kids were all breastfed, and therefore the baby dolls in my house were also breastfed, by both my daughters and my son.  It is people like Dr. Ablow that place a stigma on breastfeeding.  I am unsure of how I feel about the halter, but understand they need some sort of interface to create the suckling sound.  In a bottle fed doll this would be done with the bottle.  Thanks for sharing Jessica!

  5. i “breastfed” my dolls as a little girl and my sons brought their toys to me to “breastfeed”.  i was very aware from as young as i could remember that i would develop breasts and feed babies with them. this doctor can ablow me.

  6. Breasts have been made into sexual objects, their real purpose is indeed to feed a child.This “psychologist” needs to look into that and stop “sexualizing” breasts himself! .From an early age little girls need to be taught that breastfeeding is the healthiest complete food for a child.Learning the real purpose of breasts from a young age will certainly help take away the society’s “sexualizing” and demeaning of women as sexual objects.There is nothing more natural than a little girl lifting up her shirt to breastfeed a doll just as her mother so lovingly did with her.   

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