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I Don’t Want to be a Mommy Blogger Any More

Something is wrong with the way we’re all sharing.

I think I’ve given y’all more of my family than you’re entitled to.

I’m regrouping and restarting.

21 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to be a Mommy Blogger Any More”

  1. Mommy blogging is becoming more of a popularity contest on the quad than mothers truly sharing info with one another. “Mom blogger” is great for SEO but kind of does number on your writing process. Not to mention your email inbox. It’s why I’m getting off that hamster wheel. A couple of my friends have shut down their mommy blogs and started fresh because they want to write about themselves, not snack cakes.

  2. Do you feel like being a “mommy blogger” has limited you as a blogger, or has it opened your eyes to all of the things that can be accomplished through blogging? Are you looking to share more about you and less about your family or a complete new topic? I wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing the transition!

  3. I’ve stumbled across this through my Google Reader somehow and it jumped out at me. I think it’s great to make a stand and intrigued to see what led you to this conclusion. I’m a relative newbie to blogging, and I am a mom, and a blogger, but I don’t necessarily fit into the ‘mommy blogger’ category. I don’t feel like exposing my children too much nor do I feel like turning it into a big marketing platform. I prefer bloggers who are authentic, personal and interesting. Since I’m living mommyhood daily, I don’t necessarily want to hear about other people’s kids anyway. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors whatever they may be.

  4. You – not just the generic “you” but YOU specifically, Jessica – can be any kind of blogger you want. Just keep being one.

    I’ve been thinking I never really WAS a mommy blogger, but my attempts at it introduced me to some amazing women.

  5. No offense…but did anyone force info about your family out of your fingertips & onto the web? 

    Do what you like…but the statement itself makes it seem as if “we” (the collective “y’all” you’re referring to) somehow made you do something you didn’t want to do.

  6. I think we need to talk.What happened? I know you are so much more than just a Mommy blogger, you are a social media empire. I think perhaps the term Mommy blogger is limiting but being a Mommy and a blogger is not.Whatever you blog about, I will read!XO

  7. More power to you :) I’ve no desire to be a mommy blogger personally. I’m a social media consultant :) Pick a title you like.  I’ve found that *mommy bloggers* can be rather cliquey and that’s not my thing. I think you rock no matter what you call yourself.

  8. Well, then don’t mom blog.  It’s a free country.  Do want you want to do.  Will you miss the income, or the bully pulpit? 

  9. I’ve always enjoyed your posts about your family but often wondered how they felt about being put out there on display. You offer really great insight and a perspective that is often different than mine, but sometimes you confuse me.  You’ll put up some pretty intimate details about your family yet you have said nothing in this post to indicate why you’ve come to this conclusion. Remember, whether or not we’re entitled to it, we only know what you’ve told us. (And I always felt like I “shared back” whenever it seemed appropriate.)  Regardless, I love reading your blog and support you in whichever direction you wish to take.

  10. Jessica,

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this in the last few days and would like to better understand what you are saying.  First, you seem to really enjoy writing, expressing your opinion, and reaching out to an interactive audience.  Are you expressing your opinion in the Mom Blogging world in general?  What then would be your advice to bloggers just starting, who happen to be mothers as well?  As part of what created the Mom Blogging world, do you feel responsibility for the direction(s) it is taking?

    1. I don’t know.

      I’ll post about it later, but basically I had a bunch of searches and
      feedback from one small trollish group. I’m rethinking some stuff, but after
      talking with a few people I’ve decided that I’m not going to let them push
      me out of what is a fabulous space.

      Again, I’ll write about it more in depth when I’ve had some distance.

      1. Will be looking forward to it.  I’ve worked in news for years and had the “expertise” of consultants come in for a few days and re-do everything.  The best guidance I received from a co-worker: “I wear a striped shirt and plaid tie, just to give them something to focus on”.  They only worried about that and moved on… the rest of us, they ripped apart.

  11. Hmm. I don’t really consider you a Mommy Blogger! You are a person who blogs. Sometimes it’s related to motherhood, because you happen to be a mom. I think, if you can’t be authentic (about whatever compels you to want to write) and feel good about it, if you feel you have to censor yourself too much in order to feel okay about sharing, it might be time to stop. But I hope you’ll continue to share. I’m sure you can find a way!

  12. Your kids are going to grow up to be fucks up because you’re a horrible person and quite frankly the world would be better off if you and your bastard children got into a car wreck with no survivors, or at the very least, you didn’t survive, or fell into a coma in which you could never wake up from, yeah that would work, eat a dick, lick my nuts, and all that good shit.


  13. Here’s the thing – it’s a brave new world out there.  You are at the vanguard.  You have been a part of creating this “profession” and so absolutely yes, I would expect you to have times of “OMG – what have I done?”  This online world we live in now is not the one in which we grew up.  You are having to figure it out as you go.  Will you always get it right?  No.  Will you mess up your kids in the process?  I guess that should be your touchstone, right?  (Or we can just all rest assured that we all will be messing up our kids somehow or other and just do the best we can!)

    My two cents is this – keep asking the tough questions, follow your gut, learn from your missteps, and ignore the idiots.

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