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The Daily Show, I Was on THE DAILY SHOW: Thanks Again Dr. Keith Ablow

Last night we sat down to eat dinner a little late. Part way through our meal my phone started dinging and it just wouldn’t stop. I got up and went to turn the ringer off my phone and as I glanced at the screen I saw, “Watching you on Jon Stewart”.

Which is when I started screaming and jumping up and down and the kids were worried that there was another rat in the kitchen.

We continued our dinner in front of the TV and watched this.

I’m going to go ahead and pretend that when Jon Stewart says “nailed it” he was offering me congratulations.

And remember when I said I was tired of talking about this? I was wrong, I just needed a rest. I had a lot of fun talking with Marc Amazon from WLW radio, and we even made a $50 bet that I’m going to win, even though I might have to wait three years to collect. Sheesh.

20 thoughts on “The Daily Show, I Was on THE DAILY SHOW: Thanks Again Dr. Keith Ablow”

  1. That you could be the punctuation to the launch of a whole new segment on The Daily Show is beyond wonderful – it’s truly epic! I’m still giggling.

  2. So to recap… This week you: 1) Were a panelist on Fox & Friends and got the better of a d-bag; 2) FLEW; 3) Were featured on The Daily Show.

    Your week was better than mine.

  3. I love Jon Stewart and imagine my surprise when you face popped up. I was so excited and happy (i think) for you. All I have to say is that the guy is buffoon and I love how you kept saying “respectfully” while he came off as blowhard. That segment made my day. 

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