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10 Tips for Visiting Mammoth in the Summertime

I’m here on top of Mammoth Mountain. We’ve kayaked, we’ve ran through fields singing at dusk (keeps the bears away?), we’ve had wonderful food, played tennis, wandered aimlessly and now we’re off to try stand up paddle-boarding.

The hotel is good, their motto seems to be “it’s clean enough”. Everyone has their own space.

Here are ten things you should know about visiting Mammoth in the Summertime.

  1. If you stay in the Village Lodge there is no central air conditioning. They have a plug in unit that is mostly useless. Bring your own.
  2. If you are at the Village Lodge and you didn’t bring your own AC ask for a room that does not face the pool. Inward facing rooms have no breeze and the fountain is loud at night.
  3. Caldera Kayaks was the easiest way to get on the lake at a fair price.
  4. Bring your footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, everything really because the Park at Shady Rest will fill your day.
  5. Drink water like crazy I know it’s not a fourteener but it’s high and dry here.
  6. The Booky Joint in Mammoth is a bookstore you’re guaranteed to love.
  7. Use the public transportation, it’s a really great way to meet folks and find out what’s fun
  8. Do not let people give you directions, insist on an address and use your smartphone. Directions here are vague and for locals.
  9. Try a pizza at Giovanni’s but understand that pizza for one will feed two. The portions are massive and you aren’t skiing so you’re not that hungry.
  10. Take a shuttle into Yosemite and make it an all day trip. See the sights that inspired Ansel Adams.
  11. (this is your bonus tip) Do not roll your son’s fudge into a poop shape and leave it in the swimming pool overnight. Your son might accuse you of “ruining everything”
This is actually very delicious fudge


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