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Don’t Trust Forbes Tech Bloggers

I’m so glad my friends have left Forbes so that I can tell you how utterly useless their tech site is. Paul Tassi wrote the following about Google+ today.

It may not be dead, and it’s entirely possible I’m shoveling dirt on something that’s still writhing around, promising me it is in fact the next big thing, but I’m now deaf to its cries. Google Plus is a failure no matter what the numbers may say.

Only in tech could someone say something so inane and not be called on the carpet. You don’t care what the numbers say? 25 million users isn’t enough? Tassi doesn’t have a public stream, which is totally fine (though not particularly social and he is commenting on social media). Rather than writing a eulogy to Google+ Tassi might have wanted to write about why he doesn’t enjoy the social aspects of social media.

Instead he decided to start using G+ a few hours after the article was met with criticism by the folks who actually use Google Plus.

Paul Tassi's first post on Google Plus

I’m not surprised that one random guy declared a website useless without having actually tried all it’s features at least once. I am surprised (maybe not super surprised) that Forbes would run the piece.

Where are the editors?

FYI I don’t think Google+ is dead, in fact I love it.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Trust Forbes Tech Bloggers”

  1. Confession: I just gave this article a +1 and I don’t even know what that means. I am totally Google+ illiterate but that is because I am lazy. Not because I think it is dead. :)

  2. I am on Twitter all the time.  It is a habit.

    I have less than basic knowledge of how to get around facebook cause I don’t like it.  Don’t ask me why.  I have no idea.

    I have had google+ for a while and LOVE it but need to develop the habit of going there. 

    I am pretty sure that there were MANY naysayers for twitter back in the day.  Betcha they are eating singing the praises of google+ now so they don’t seem like dicks.

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