Someone I Love has Alzheimers

I think with this horrible disease there are many small deaths.

There’s the death of hope, and then the gradual death of independence, now there’s the death of midlife memory and soon there will be more steps. Parts of it used to be funny because they knew they were forgetting and they were still very happy.

It sort of stopped being funny, because you all have to giggle together or it’s just cruel. Now it’s just very upsetting and it shatters my faith.

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  1. My mother had early-onset Alzheimer’s, “early” being in her mid-50s. When she died at the age of 69, she’d already been gone for years. Your characterization of “many small deaths” is spot-on.

    Alzheimer’s is one subject I never, never joke about.

  2. I’m so sorry that you are going through this. I can’t even imagine what it is like to lose a person that you love over a long, slow decline. *Hugs* The real big heart kind .

  3. None of this is easy. Took my kids today to say goodbye to my great grandfather and spent half the afternoon talking about death and growing older.

    Sorry that you are going through it all.

  4. This makes my heart hurt. Alzheimers is such a hideous disease. My good friend worked in a nursing home and worked with a lot of people with Alzheimers. I visited a few times and it was so very sad. 

    Keeping you in my thoughts. 

  5. I’m so sorry.  I too remember the day I realized we were all laughing but my grandmother who stood there looking confused and hurt.  

  6. I’m so sorry.  Having been through this and Parkinson’s with multiple family members, I can relate.  It, quite simply, sucks ass.

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