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A few of you have decided to get my posts via email each morning rather than checking in on the site. It’s a quick litle feedburner service that you can sign up for here.

Donna is one of the women who gets my post via email. Every so often I get a “reply” message from her where she sends words of encouragement or simple comments about a post I’ve written. They are always insightful and always kind. Donna is insightful and kind.

When I wrote about my daughter being leered at and my discomfort with it for a variety of reasons Donna sent me a note that short and sweet, but filled with encouragement.

I guess I’m not blogging today. Today I’m introducing you to Donna Schwartz Mills who wrote an incredible post recently about shopping.

4 thoughts on “Emails”

  1. I get your posts via email – but I try to always come here to comment – you know, because some people put stock into how many comments you get. ;)

    But thanks for the introduction to Donna Schwartz Mills and her blog. Hoping that you make more posts like this down the road. Not even just from your email people but also just from your own reading habits.

  2. I’m another reader that get’s your blog posts sent straight to my email box. I’ve slowly, but surely been catching up on your life, as my own as been just a bit busy lately, Thank you for sharing Donna’s blog post. It’s great to see a teenage daughter wanting her mom’s opinion on clothing for school.  My son is 14 and while he doesn’t shop for himself, he loves what I buy him.

    BTW, I am so glad to see that you become protective momma when it comes to men who drool over kids and teens. You’d be surprised how some parents just ignore it and have no problem with letting their daughters dress inappropriately. So, thank you!

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