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I’m too High Maintenance for My Own Good

I’m tired after spending seven hours on ustream giving things away yesterday. There are still a few things to ship but really I’m just tired. It’s dry out and I have a headache. Alexander woke up at 5am with a bloody nose that wouldn’t stop and now I’m headachey and overtired.

I had to tape for Momversation and my tripod broke, which isn’t really that big of a deal except that my camera won’t hold a charge so I have to keep the camera plugged in to tape. The tripod is rickety and the camera is plugged in so now the weight of the cord is pulling the tripod over and finally I just had to tape the camera to my bedroom window and hope for the best. Thank gawd they have editors there who make me look NotStupid.

I went to an event that I thought started at 11, but it had begun at 10. I was right on time at about 12.15. The three people that greeted me did not know what event I was talking about, sent me to wrong floors and yelled across lobbies, “Where are the Mommy Bloggers??” I realized that as much as I say that I don’t mind being called a Mom Blogger I really really really detest the term Mommy Blogger. They should have just called it, “An event for dopey women with no career path.” That’s what Mommy Blogger implies.

So I left. Because I was just hungry and looking forward to seeing my friends, but I couldn’t give up four hours of my day, and I really wasn’t happy to have been treated poorly at the onset. I suppose on a different day I’d have stayed. Not today. Today I’m just a high maintenance woman looking to be surrounded by people who don’t want anything from me.

Mr. G had to go to Las Vegas. He brought the kids to school this morning on the way to the airport and I noticed he’d packed swim trunks. I guess he’s planning on having some down time. There is nothing I hate more than business trips to cities where people go to fuck strangers. I don’t really have issues with my husband, but every so often the fucked up wilderness of blue laws and fundie polygamists in Utah looks like a good place to send him.

I’m going to deal with this headache and ship out the rest of yesterday’s prizes. Remind me never to do that again. It very closely resembled work, and I think we all know that I’m not looking to have that thing interrupt my┬álifestyle.



2 thoughts on “I’m too High Maintenance for My Own Good”

  1. It’s wrong that I giggled throughout this post, I know, and yet I did. I’m having one of those days too, but for different reasons. Also substitute your husband’s swim trunks for my husband’s golf clubs and I’m liking your idea of where to ship your husband for work. Feel better soon.

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