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Epic BlogWorld

BlogWorldLA is good and I’m sure it will be fun but epic? Okay, short and sweet here… the kids from Shepherds School need an 8th Grade, in another year they’ll need a 9th grade. We need an Epic Change.

BlogWorld should be great fun. I’ll be speaking about privacy there and I really do hope someone shows up at my session. If you want to have a great discussion about how to blog very personally (I think I do that) without telling other people’s stories. I ‘ll also be giving you a list of action items to keep your information safely buried on the web.

Did you know that children are victims of identity theft? If you’re blogging (facebooking, twittering, G+’ing) about your kids you really need to be mindful.

There are a ton of great sessions at BlogWorld and I’m looking forward to them. I know a bunch of you will be all, “I can’t come to LA because I have a life…” or some other wacky excuse. So there’s a BlogWorldExpo Virtual Ticket. This will let you stream the sessions live. If you’re in an office and reading this as part of your job you know you should be streaming BlogWorld and we both know your boss will pay for it.

So here’s what I need you to do. Use the affiliate link from this page to buy your BlogWorld virtual pass and $75 will be donated straight to EpicChange so that Leah and Gideon can have an 8th grade classroom. Use the coupon code BWEVIP20 for an additional discount on your in person ticket.

That’s EpicBlogWorld.

I promise I’ll get back to blogging about misbehavior just as soon as we get this school built.

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