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A Conversation With My Husband

It’s been a long week of cake baking, sleepovering and sports momming. I haven’t had time to do the things I like to do for myself. Mr. G. came home from work and asked me to take care of a list of things for him (laundry, appointment scheduling, shopping, etc…) and we had the following conversation:

ME: I really do a lot for you.

MR G: You do, thanks so much.

ME: I could use a wife.

MR G: Why? So someone else can play tennis for you and drink too much?


He says it like it’s so easy….

8 thoughts on “A Conversation With My Husband”

  1. My husband is doing the Mr Mom thing for about a year and a half. After the first month it was ‘this is easy’ which made me want to smack him.  The past few weeks, it’s now… ‘wow, is technically easy but it’s really damn hard’ which makes me feel better but I still wanted that validation that YES I DID IT TOO, REMEMBER THAT!? haha :) 

    It sounds like you have had a rough few days. 

    As my hubby said, it’s so worth it to see these kids growing up and to be with them in all the ‘moments’ but we need to make sure that everyone gets their down time. 

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