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Kevin Durant answered a tweet from a fan and showed up for a flag football game.

If any of these weekend warriors dares even touch this future NBA champion, I will faint. Please David Stern, end the #NBA-Lockout!


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9 thoughts on “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”

  1. I love that he showed up, but I wonder if this is a violation of his contract. I would think that there might be a clause that says that he can't engage in activities that might endanger his career.

  2. +Jessica Gottlieb Ah, you haven't played IM football. He is not running around with graceful pro athletes on a perfectly kept field.

    He is with a bunch of wannabe jocks on a field that could have sprinklers or gopher holes. All it takes is something silly to turn an ankle or blow out a knee.

    That being said I think it is very cool that he played with them.

  3. And Here I keep hoping that with the lockout people will start to realize how useless it is to be paying some pansy millions of dollars to play a GAME when there are Americans starving on the streets.

  4. +Jesse G in a vacuum you'd be correct, in reality the millions paid to these guys creates tens of millions in jobs, everything from security to groundskeepers, retailers and food concessions… there's TV, radio and internet that don't make money without the NBA. It's a monumental fiscal disaster for many, not just players.

  5. Yeah, but the millions that go to the players themselves are wasted, esp. since most of them sprain their itty-bitty-finger and sit out for a whole season whilst continuing to draw their hefty paycheck.

    You want to get me to watch, put all players on the field at the same time and play around the injured ones.

    Now THAT is a sport.

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