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Festival Gourmet International: and the Story of How I Became Your Fat Friend

Mr. G. and I were just hosted on fabulous trip to Riviera Nayarit. The trip was centered around the Gourmet Festival. To call it incredible would be a gross understatement.

This is a trip that every foodie should take. If you love meeting new people, all the better. We had just one progressive dinner but they feature them three times a week during the ten day festival. Our progressive dinner had us visiting five restaurants for eight courses and eight wine pairings (except dessert which was a cocktail pairing and a wine pairing).

The food was out of this world and deserves a better post than this one, but I’m tired, I’m behind on my housework and my cherished bottle of hibiscus liqueur exploded in my luggage so I have to buy Mr. G. new shoes so that he can go to work tomorrow without looking like a child in tennis shoes and slacks.

I found out that I really don’t tequila as a drink, but a sip is good for me. There was one truly spectacular cilantro margarita and I promise to get you the recipe. In the interim here are some images from the trip.

grand velas resort dinner plate piaf restaurant

grand velas resort view of the beach

Sayulita church

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